Power up

More range with LG/Panasonic

The ergonomic and delicate design of iTango’s lithium battery package, provides a cruising range of 90km (25km/h) and weighs only 10.4kg, which makes it easy to use and carry.

LED indicator

iTango’s lithium battery has a LED battery usage indicator, so you can always be aware of the battery charge remaining.

Two ways to charge

iTango’s batteries can be charged either directly on the vehicle or by using the charge cable.

Light up


The headlight will automatically turn on in the dark and turn off during daytime driving.

Integrated taillight

The integrated taillight is manufactured with a 270 ° lighting angle.

Ergonomic Design

Automatic Adaptation

100% All LED

*When purchasing an electrically powered vehicle, the buyer must take into account that the specified range is an indication that depends on many factors, including: outside temperature; rider weight and freight; age and condition of the battery(s); tire pressure; state of maintenance of the vehicle; mounted accessories; driving style; set pulling force and maximum speed. The supplier specifies a range that can be achieved under normal circumstances and when applying the legal maximum speed.

Vehicles may be subject to change by the manufacturer without prior notice. Pictures shown may vary in detail. Please contact the dealer network for the latest developments on technical features and vehicle specifications.

The 3-wheeled Doohan vehicles are significantly more stable than conventional 2-wheel scooters. However, they are not suitable for use as a mobility scooter as they are not fully stabilised.

LCD dashboard

iTango’s dashboard design follows the principles of multi-dimensional integration and simplicity. All functions are easily accessible and include speed. The display is equipped with a strong backlight, in order to be clearly visible under strong daylight.

Safe and stable driving

DDWT-S technology

The underneath side-deflection dual-front-wheel system, a.k.a. DDWT-S, provides the ultimate driving experience and safety.

Roll-lock System

As soon as you pull the roll-lock switch, the front wheels will lock and the motorcycle will remain upright, so you don’t need to deploy the side stand.

Doohan – iTango

Ergonomy and efficiency, meet the iTango